How To Improve Your Photography Skills

Smartphones have now become a portable camera, now all the features that are in a expensive camera is now part of your phone. Now picture taking is a lot easier because there are a lot of features that make it easier to a decent photograph. There are also user friendly apps that can make editing a breeze. Even with all these handy apps and features, some people still have a hard time taking a decent photo with their phones.

Photography Skills

When you are taking a photo with your smart phone, there is a feature that can help you create a more balanced and leveled photograph with gridlines. These grid lines are inspired by the rule of thirds which is a principle that states that a photo has different parts that are separated into three parts which are horizontal and vertical. For you to produce the best photograph possible, you should place the parts of the photo you want to highlight along the lines or where the lines intersect.

If you are using an Iphone you can simply go to settings, select “photos and camera”, and then switch on the grid. For the android users, just click the camera app, click settings, scroll down, and turn on the “grid lines” option.

Try to train your mindset to focus on one object and try to make it stand out as much as you can. If you want to focus on one thing, try not to fill up the whole space of the image. If you take pictures like this, it may be hard to look at because it is not appealing. Try to make the object of focus take up ⅓ of the space, the rest of the negative space will help in making the object stand out even more. Before taking a photo make sure that you tap on the object so that the camera focuses on that and nothing else.

After taking a picture with your phone, you can upload that photo on a editing app and you can use different filters that can make the picture more vivid. Here, you can also adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo, you can also crop the picture and make sure that the frame of the object is more aesthetically appealing.

Negative space or basically the background of your photo is one the biggest factors that will make your photograph standout from the rest. You will have to learn how to contrast your objects from your background so that it stands out even more and it doesn’t look like it’s a camouflage. Almost anything can act as your negative space, it can be a wall, table, water, sky, or a garden.

It is always good to try and look at thing at a different perspective and change things up a bit. People can get sick of your photos if you always take a photograph the same way every time. You can add flavor and a twist by changing the angles of how you take photos, this will make people more curious and more attracted to your photos when they notice something different with your feed.




Enjoy Forever In A Photograph

A camera is one of the most used and loved inventions ever made in history. The camera is able to take photographs of anything that you can see with a naked eye. It is able to save memories, friendships, food that you loved, people you enjoyed, it is one best remembrance gifts you can ask for. Not only is it something can make you nostalgic, but there are other benefits that a simple photograph can give a person.


People do not live forever, but a photograph certainly has the immortality that some people wish to have. Pictures, if taken care properly can last a very long time and it is simple to properly maintain photographs. That is why pictures are so sentimental and can make someone be filled with emotions. You can’t help but be amazed by looking at a picture of yourself 20 or 30 and see how you looked then, and how much you’ve changed since then. It is a gentle reminder of how you lived your life and how much memories you have made along the way.

Photographs are the perfect timeline of your life, it shows a lot of turning points in your life, as well as a lot of first time memories that you have encountered. Nothing can document your life so artistically and accurately like a photograph. That is why people love taking photos during family vactions or trips with your friends, its the perfect way to savor the moment and it is the easiest way to bring yourself back to those moments when you feel like it.

Taking photographs is a great way to free your mind and not think about all your issues and problems in life. There is nothing like picking up a camera and going to random place and take pictures. It is beautiful to try and capture natural beauty as it happens before you eyes and there are no limitations when it comes to taking photos. You can take photos of food, cars, people, and even animals. This is what is relaxing about Photography because you are able to take photos of what you want and you are in control of how you want it to come out.

Photography is a way to enhance your imagination and creativity. People who take photos as an art or passion try to tell their stories within that photo. Some have hidden messages in the photo that get people thinking hard about what it is all about, some people try to look for unique angles that will help them express their inspiration of their photo.

Photography has also given people opportunity to be successful and make a name out of it. It is not only a hobby or a way to get away from it all. There are people and companies that see the beauty in photos and how it can help generate sales and attract more people. If you want to be a professional photographer, all it takes is passion and dedication to make sure that you have mastered your craft. Because the reality is, there are companies and individuals who are willing to pay big money for a beautiful photo.


How To Look Like A Model In Every Selfie Or Photo

We are now living in the era of the Millennials where people are glued to social media, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.These gadgets have become a bridge that connects people all around the world, it also helps them stay informed about not only the news but people’s daily life. One thing that has become a craze in today’s world is the act of taking selfies and photographs, people have gone through great heights to create the perfect selfie. But what does it take to create a good selfie on a consistent basis?

Selfie Or Photo

Lighting is the most important element when it comes to taking a picture or your selfie. Light is the factor that will you and other people to actually see the picture and the lighting has to be just right so you can get the best quality photograph. Too much lighting will have a burnt effect and it will be too bright to see the picture. Too little light will also have the same end result and you won’t able to see anything at all. The best type of light you should look for is the natural light you get from the sun.

Patterns of your outfit is a factor that will decide whether your photo is ready for posting or not. It will be nice to wear something that will standout in the location of your shoot. If you are having a hard time choosing something to wear then it will be easy to search what latest trends are and get inspiration from there. Make sure that you only have patterns for one part of your body and that you aren’t filled with patterns. If you have patterns for your top, try wearing solid colors for your bottoms.

Belts are a simple yet powerful accessory that can further highlight your whole outfit. It acts a great separation of you top outfit from your bottom outfit. The slight squeeze a belt gives your body can also add form to your look and can give you an extra sexy touch.

Go Wild With you hair and try something different or something that is more natural and free. Sometimes going with your old hairstyle can be old looking and boring, a simple frizzy and slightly messy look will give you more attitude and volume to your appearance. This can be your “out of bed” look or your “I woke up like this” look that people think can be natural sometimes.

Create your own filter by manipulating the natural light that is present during your photoshoot. Being able to create your own natural filter is so much better than using filters in an app because people can easily spot if you used any. Catch them off guard and surprise them with your new trick. You can do this by simply turning your back on the ray’s of the sun, this will allow it to flare behind you and create a natural filter that no one else can copy.